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"Excerpt from my forthcoming novel, A World Without Music, launching any day.
Cover blurb: Reagan returns from the first Gulf War haunted by horrific images of Tom Wallach, a dead marine he brought back from the desert. Seeking refuge from his nightm…"
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I'm not always crazy about the way my poems look when included with articles on the Examiner site but "The History Lesson" included with part 3 of Text & Meaning in ELEMENTAL the Power of Illuminated Love turned out very nice.…

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To rephrase the old adage: Truth has a way of often turning out to be far stranger than the illusions we create to explain away the things we don't yet know.
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Poem: Limiting His Flow?

Impeding the loving flow of the Holy Spirit,
can cause your peace to be accidentally lost;
without the proper atmosphere in your life,
is there success when picking up your cross?

With the Spirit’s sensitivity, He knows
the inner workings of your motivations;
do you believe that a show of gratitude
will masquerade any sin-based deceptions?

We need to create and maintain each day
a spiritually-conducive ambiance for Him;
one that is…

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Poem: An Unexamined Life

As noted by Socrates,
an unexamined life
is not worth living;

as a disciple of Christ,
I’ve decided to adopt…
His lifestyle of giving.

Humanity’s selfishness
needs to be subdued daily,
for we need each other;

regardless of opinions,
we’re still God’s offspring
as sisters and brothers.

From embracing The Word,
we go forth as ambassadors,
since Truth we must tell.

For an unexamined life

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Poem: No Reason to Love Me?

As imperfect as I am,
He still loves me more-
than I can comprehend;
so I take time to explore

His everlasting desire
to be in relationship
with this soul knowing…
that it goes beyond worship.

As a created being of His,
I’m not the final point-
only God has the right
to chose those He anoints.

Though it may seem that He
has no reason to love me,
I’m still one of His children
and my love for Him He…

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Poem: Vital Breath

Into the dust, His breath was breathed,
giving Mankind its first gift of Life;
therefore, we should recognize and give
thanks to God, the Holy Spirit and Christ.

Whispers of prayers to our sacred God,
create results within a context of Hope;
time spent with Him accomplishes more
and transcends Humanity’s limited scope

of understanding a lifetime of struggle.
With our voices, we acknowledge, praise,
honor and worship God in acts of…

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                                                        Book cover of Bearing Witness from Another Place James Baldwin in…

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Triumphant grace that flourishes with beauty in the face of malevolent oppression is a very uncommon thing in this world. Yet Maya Angelou somehow personified that miraculous rarity. Her life and literary testimony is something we are just now preparing to truly comprehend. It is a deeply humbling honor to say Thank You Dr. Angelou. 


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The emotional impact was, and is, not completely unlike that of seeing for the first time a video clip of the aircraft exploding against the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was an image unprecedented in one’s mental model of what reality is supposed to be and therefore an image one was not able to immediately process.
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("I'm a Steady Rolling Man"graphic by 100K based on photo courtesy of Diann Blakely)



Almost in Kentucky, the state that gave     

My country 'tis of thee two armored foes     …

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