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Tobeimean Peter posted a photo
This pecs has been progressing through a couple of decades. Thought I'd send it's most recent manifestation your way.
21 hours ago
Tobeimean Peter commented on Dr. Baron Joseph A. Uphoff, Jr.'s photo
"The in motion dance photos in these series are magic. Very fun work !"
21 hours ago
Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted a blog post
As noted by Socrates, an unexamined life is not worth living;as a disciple of Christ, I’ve decided to adopt… His lifestyle of giving.Humanity’s selfishness needs to be subdued daily, for we need each other;regardless of opinions, we’re still God’s o…
Aberjhani Author and Poet via Facebook

Is it possible that the way we utilize or fail to utilize language makes more difference than we realize when it comes to reconciling ourselves to the presence of violence or the absence of peace in the world? That's not exactly how the…

Joseph J. Breunig 3rd posted blog posts
Sep 11
Aberjhani Author and Poet via Facebook

Days like the anniversary of #September11 2001 often inspire us to deal with difficult questions. One such question is this: Are we learning the lessons we most need to learn from history in order to construct a world civilization based on mutual…

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Sep 7
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Sep 6

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Poem: An Unexamined Life

As noted by Socrates,
an unexamined life
is not worth living;

as a disciple of Christ,
I’ve decided to adopt…
His lifestyle of giving.

Humanity’s selfishness
needs to be subdued daily,
for we need each other;

regardless of opinions,
we’re still God’s offspring
as sisters and brothers.

From embracing The Word,
we go forth as ambassadors,
since Truth we must tell.

For an unexamined life

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Poem: No Reason to Love Me?

As imperfect as I am,
He still loves me more-
than I can comprehend;
so I take time to explore

His everlasting desire
to be in relationship
with this soul knowing…
that it goes beyond worship.

As a created being of His,
I’m not the final point-
only God has the right
to chose those He anoints.

Though it may seem that He
has no reason to love me,
I’m still one of His children
and my love for Him He…

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Poem: Vital Breath

Into the dust, His breath was breathed,
giving Mankind its first gift of Life;
therefore, we should recognize and give
thanks to God, the Holy Spirit and Christ.

Whispers of prayers to our sacred God,
create results within a context of Hope;
time spent with Him accomplishes more
and transcends Humanity’s limited scope

of understanding a lifetime of struggle.
With our voices, we acknowledge, praise,
honor and worship God in acts of…

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Poem: Unceasing in Prayer

I’m casting my cares upon You,
while praying throughout the day.
I’m thankful for our relationship
and the Love of Your sacred sway

that permeates my entire being.
For I’ll keep on talking to You,
discussing the issues of my life,
since You will bring me through

safely by Your divine guidance.
In You alone, faith is entrusted,
as this analytical mindset of mine
had been vigorously readjusted.

Knowing that You’re…

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Poem: Love, Stability and Peace

As His children, grafted into the Living Tree,
we should be bearing the Spirit’s fruit of:
joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness,
faithfulness, kindness, willpower and Love.

Christian examples are desperately needed,
for a dying World that is going to hell.
Waving a Bible, filled with holy principles,
has never worked, but genuine actions tell

them the absolute truth about Jesus Christ.
Can we expect the unsaved to find…

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Poem: Let Me Touch His Garment

Many doctors had failed to heal her;
her wealth was gone; unable to cope,
seemingly having no options left, she…
faced the idea of being bereft of hope.

A difficult issue of continual bleeding,
had bothered this woman for twelve years;
purposely maneuvering through the crowd,
she hoped to meet Christ, and draw near.

“If only, I could physically touch Him,
my personal need can be forever met.”
Summoning the last of her inner…

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Triumphant grace that flourishes with beauty in the face of malevolent oppression is a very uncommon thing in this world. Yet Maya Angelou somehow personified that miraculous rarity. Her life and literary testimony is something we are just now preparing to truly comprehend. It is a deeply humbling honor to say Thank You Dr. Angelou. 


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The emotional impact was, and is, not completely unlike that of seeing for the first time a video clip of the aircraft exploding against the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was an image unprecedented in one’s mental model of what reality is supposed to be and therefore an image one was not able to immediately process.
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("I'm a Steady Rolling Man"graphic by 100K based on photo courtesy of Diann Blakely)



Almost in Kentucky, the state that gave     

My country 'tis of thee two armored foes     …

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