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Poem: Eternal Embrace
How can I not be full of contentment?God is not a Man, that He would lie.On a daily basis, His promises flow;He is the Source, on Whom I can rely.Despite the surrounding difficulties,I’ve purposed to accept His sacred Word;therefore, I will continue…
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Poem: Eternal Embrace

How can I not be full of contentment?
God is not a Man, that He would lie.
On a daily basis, His promises flow;
He is the Source, on Whom I can rely.

Despite the surrounding difficulties,
I’ve purposed to accept His sacred Word;
therefore, I will continue to stand firm,
by His grace and loving messages heard.

His everlasting mercies are renewed;
I remain girded by His faithfulness!
With the thankfulness of my frail heart,
I am still…

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Poem: Hymnody

Within the sacred music of worship,
we’re to open our hearts and sing;
flowing from our tongues should be…
genuine praises for Christ our King!

Though the structure of songs vary
between spirituals, hymns and psalms,
in every instance, we acknowledge Him
with our uplifted bosoms and palms.

In making joyful noises unto our Lord,
there’s a freedom of melodic release;
unashamedly, we honor Him together-
contented in our sense of inner…

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Poem: Hamartia

Do I need to repeat bad mistakes
of judgment as the prodigal son?
Does shortcomings of Christianity
prevent me from having some fun?

Having a head filled with knowledge
and a restless spirit yearning to feel,
when I’m completely pulled unto Him,
how much of my true self is revealed?

Born into this earthly realm…

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Triumphant grace that flourishes with beauty in the face of malevolent oppression is a very uncommon thing in this world. Yet Maya Angelou somehow personified that miraculous rarity. Her life and literary testimony is something we are just now preparing to truly comprehend. It is a deeply humbling honor to say Thank You Dr. Angelou. 


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The emotional impact was, and is, not completely unlike that of seeing for the first time a video clip of the aircraft exploding against the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was an image unprecedented in one’s mental model of what reality is supposed to be and therefore an image one was not able to immediately process.
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("I'm a Steady Rolling Man"graphic by 100K based on photo courtesy of Diann Blakely)



Almost in Kentucky, the state that gave     

My country 'tis of thee two armored foes     …

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"Jazz Fan Looks Back" by Jayne Cortez

Poet Jayne Cortez I crisscrossed with Monk Wailed with Bud Counted every star with Stitt Sang "Don't Blame Me" with Sarah Wore a flower like Billie Screamed in the range of Dinah & scatted "How High the Moon" with Ella Fitzgerald as she blew roof off the Shrine Auditorium Jazz at the Philharmonic I cut my hair into a permanent tam Made my feet rebellious metronomes Embedded record needles in paint on paper Talked bopology talk Laughed in…

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